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August 2019

Hello, a start of a new month and already a few weeks into the school summer holidays, not that this affects us any more, as our daughter is all grown up and at university/work. But I do notice that the schools aren’t in, as there is no noise of children playing on the field of the Primary school that we back onto and even the bell is silent!!!

July has been about holidays for us – it started off with a long weekend at the caravan on Mersea Island, we were luckily with the weather and only had a couple of showers. I had taken a couple of quilted postcards to embroider while down there, otherwise it was read and go for long walks.

Came home for the last class of the term and then had a mad rush to get all the pattern, photos and instructions for the Vintage Cups & Flowers Quilt ready to sell in my Etsy shop and to finish the Dresden plate quilt, before my in-laws 60th wedding anniversary celebration and then we headed off on a cruise.

It’s not the easiest thing to come up with an idea for a present for a 60th Wedding anniversary, the Quilted postcard wasn’t to difficult but a present? They have quilts and a number of cushions, one of my class had made a lovely cushion for a Golden Wedding anniversary present – Barbara quilted a heart in the middle and then stitched on different sized yellow buttons and also five gold buttons with golden yellow border. But I didn’t want to do a cushion or quilt and Diamond, which 60 years is, in a bit of a difficult colour – clear/ sparkly white?

In the end I decided to create a 16” square wall art – I appliqued a pale grey patterned heart onto white fabric and then embroidered their names and the date in a deep red, the colour of the roses in Pat’s wedding flowers, then I embroidered ‘to have and to hold’ in a old gold colour, the colour of wedding rings. I then appliqued pastel hearts round and stitched on 60 mini clear and white heart buttons. We then attached to stretcher bars to create the picture.

We, then went on a cruise stopping at France, Spain and Guernsey, we had a lovely time, the weather was hot but not soo hot as here, the forecast had been for rain and it could have been a bit choppy going across the Bay of Biscay but the forecast was wrong!!! We walked miles, took loads and loads of photos and relaxed.

I didn’t take any sewing with me!!! instead I took yarn and a hook and started creating 4” and 8” traditional Granny squares to create a patchwork throw. I have discovered that crochet is a lot more portable than sewing, no needles to lose or pins! and I can do it more or less anywhere and working on DK yarn and 4.5mm hook I don’t need to wear my reading glasses and so, I can sit on a sun lounger, with my sunglasses on and crochet squares – I will say I was given some odd looks……..

I will be posting regularly on Facebook and also Instagram.

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