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December 2019

November has proved as I thought to be another grey wet month, I have had the lights on most of the time just to see what I am sewing!

So, again the weather has helped me get loads done.

I finished the first version of Sarah’s Choice quilt in Lewis & Irene’s Winter in Bluebell Wood fabric and it has got a very big positive response, which is lovely because I like it but I am never really sure about other people’s thoughts on my work. I have started a second version, this is being made in Makower Scandi, the greys from the range with a few reds thrown in for highlights, if you want to see how its going and keep up to date with my creativity then follow me on Facebook.

I love making my Quilted Postcards, they are more the ‘art’ side of playing with fabric and threads and I make a lot for different reasons, some just because I want to!!! Like my gate’s series. Once in a while I get a design idea that won’t work in the small format of a postcard and the Moon gate was one of these – I created it in the Journal (A4) size, there are hours of work in all the stitching and embroidery but it’s worth it.

I have been creating more Christmas gifts with decorated aprons – using my Accuquilt dies to cut snowflakes and also the reindeer. I also created my idea of a Christmas jumper!!! I bought a nice plain black jumper and then appliqued two reindeer in Makower Scandi grey fabric!!! and yes, I cut them using the Accuquilt die, I am certainly getting my monies worth from it!!! and when I got it, it was one I really didn’t think I would use it a lot but I loved it – it’s a bit like the Gingham Dog one, I liked it, so got it. I have this idea for the Dog one, lots of dogs with all different coats decorating them!!! a future project for when I have a few hours to spare!!!

Away from fabric, I have completed my Granny square crochet blanket, that has been a brilliant holiday project as it was so portable. I have started to crochet the Bunny from TOFT, I know that I have the Dragon kit for Christmas!!!

And on that note, I wish you all a Season’s greetings and hope that you have a healthy and happy New Year.

For more on what I am doing have a look at my page on Facebook and also Instagram.

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