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July 2019

Hello, well June went out with a fanfare of hot weather! far too hot to be sewing a full-size bed quilt, so I never got the Vintage Cups & Flowers completed, I will have it done for the last classes of the term on 9th July!!

The end of term is not that far away, this year of teaching has gone so quickly. I won’t be back teaching till 1st October – I know that it is later than usual for Fairktyes and a lot latter than the schools start. And it seems like a long way away, but it will soon come around. I have designed a new winter/Christmas quilt for the term, and I will also be doing some gift ideas….

The Vintage Cups & Flowers squares are all made, and I have got them all together, I have just got to finish the back and do the binding. I also completed the Prairie Point and Pintuck quilt, which we have tried to photography but because it is all made from unbleached calico, is really hard – the quilting and the texture just don’t show up in photos very well.

I have also been embroidering and putting together four Dresden Plate squares, these where partly that I wanted to create a Dresden plate that was embroidered and graduated colours but also I was showing how to create Dresden plate pattern with paper piecing rather than the usual way of making with the rulers. This is a nice project for the hotter weather as it is not a huge big quilt, made at the sewing machine but a slower hand stitched project. Smaller projects are great for the summer months, not just because of the warmth but also I don’t have as much time to create big things with holidays and the garden.

On smaller projects – I made nine quilted postcards in June, the landscape and flower ones are great to hand embroider in this hot weather and very portable.

Hope you all have a lovely summer holidays.

I will be posting regularly on Facebook and also Instagram.

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