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June 2019

This year seems to be rushing past! We are already into June and the half term is over. With Easter being so late and then having the two Bank Holidays in May and half term, everything feels all squashed up together!

Looking back over May and seeing what I have completed, two brooches and three Quilted Postcards, it feels like I haven’t been very creative. But I have been working on things that aren’t finished yet!

The Prairie Points and Pintuck quilt is almost done, just got to do the final edging, but as I want to show in classes this slightly different edging method for the Prairie Points, it’s just sitting all together with one edge completely finished and the three others waiting. Soon be completed!!

The new quilt I have started Vintage Cups and Flowers, which is very reminiscent of the American depression quilts of the late 1920’s and 30’s, is coming along. I have a feeling, because of the fabric I have chosen that its going to be a quilt that you either love or hate!!!

All the cutting out of the cups and flowers – 40 cups and handles, 120 of one flower, 120 of the flower centres, 80 of the second flower and 240 leaves! Was a great project to take with me when we went away to for the Bank holiday to Mersea Island.

When we go away to Mersea Island is a complete break away, mobile reception is iffy! And so we relax, read, take long walks and of course I take something creative, cutting out lots of flowers and leaves and hand embroidery, this time.

I have also been crocheting snowflakes! These are to create a lacey effect overtop, I have a design/plan in my mind and hopefully the idea will work out – if not I will have loads of snowflakes to create some form of Winter decoration!!

I will be posting regularly on Facebook and also Instagram.

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