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May 2019

I can’t believe that we are already in May and I have started teaching for the Summer term!

April was a lovely month I spent a fair bit of the time out in the garden, sorting, weeding, racking out the moss from the grass and unfortunately digging up the box bushes I had. I have been battling for the last two years with the box moth caterpillar infestation, I have tried jet washing the bushes and picking the caterpillars off, I ended up last year cutting a lot of the bushes back but nothing has worked and they are still there and the bushes looked horrible. For years Box bushes in pots, as are a lot of plants in my garden, have been the backbone of the green structure in the garden. No more! I have had enough, the box bushes are gone. Instead I have pots of sedums!!!

Our garden isn’t very big, but I love my green space and it is mostly shades of green, it is a peaceful place that in the colour and shapes gives me inspiration and also pleasure watching the tortoises plodding around, while I potter around doing the garden or view it from the kitchen window when working or cooking.

On the creative front April was a month of making Quilted Postcards, fourteen in all, these included birthday, New Home and Easter ones. I also created some embroidered brooches, again for presents, the challenge with the brooches was working a design in just a 2” circle. I guess in a way the brooches are an extension of the postcards and hoop art that I have been creating this year but just smaller.

For the last few years I have been doing another craft in the evenings, last year I did a number of tapestry cushions and this year I have been doing crochet. I decided to make myself a long pencil skirt made from traditional Granny squares, I finally completed it. I had no pattern, just an idea! I thought I would need about 50 to 60 squares, as they were made with Patons Diploma Gold 4ply in black and crocheted to 4½”, I ended up with using 56, I attached it to a jersey underskirt with an elasticated waist, that I made. I am rather pleased with how it came out and can see me wearing it a lot come the autumn.

I took a ball of wool and hook on our cruise to create a big Granny square, which I then turned into a Cocoon shrug, it made a change from taking a sewing project! And again will be great for the autumn/winter.

I am now ‘playing’ with some ideas for a crocheted evening shrug/overlay and also another Granny square project for our next holiday in July.

On the patchwork front I have started a new design for the second half of term, it involves a charm pack and a cup design – more on that next month and I know its only May but I have designed a Christmas/Winter themed quilt for the Autumn term in September!!!

I will be posting regularly on Facebook and also Instagram.

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