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November 2019

The thing that sticks in my mind about October is the rain……and more rain and some more and how grey the days have been!!!

We had a long weekend down the caravan and there was something really cosy about sitting there, watching the rain pour down and the drumming on the roof, with us in the warm and dry. It rained almost the whole time we were there except for a few hours when we got in a couple of walks along the beach.

It may be the 1st November, but it looks like we are in for more of the same weather. I guess the only good thing about this weather is that I can’t go out in the garden or for walks just because it is bright and sunny and too nice to stay indoors, meaning that I have gotten loads of needlework done.

The other thing that stands out about October, when I look at all that I have been creating is that most of it has been Christmas makes! I have been teaching the ‘Deck the Halls’ design, which is great for hoop art, cushions, coasters, mug rugs and bowl fillers.

I have just discovered bowl fillers – these are pretty little cushions, I guess you could use them as pin cushions but I never use pin cushions (I keep my pins, and other assorted bits that find a home there, in a crystal ashtray!). The little cushions are meant to sit in a bowl as decoration like pot pourii!

I have also made a rag and ribbon wreath for the front door and fabric wired holly leaves. Plus, I have made all my Christmas Quilted postcards – just got to make the cards they will go on and one birthday Quilted postcard. I have also, started on the forty hanging decorations I give as small gifts. Also been working on Sarah’s Choice quilt which is Winter/Christmas based, but you could easily change it to another theme.

A friend commented that I am being very organised about Christmas this year, I have been known to leave it all to the last minute and in fact I have finished sewing presents on Christmas eve night!! Its not so much being organised as I want to have it sorted so that I can have a clear few weeks to work on a special project that I started a few years ago and then it got packed away……

Not everything I made was Christmas. I had fun playing with making fabric leaves to go with my little fabric pumpkins and I finished crocheting all my Granny Squares, just got to sew them together and crochet a border.

For more on what I am doing have a look at my page on Facebook and also Instagram.

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