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January 2020

Happy New Year!!

It’s January 2020 – a new month, new year and a new decade!!!

And time for new projects and also new year resolutions. I have never been very good at keeping new year resolutions and so I don’t tend to bother any more with them. But this year, I have made one – its been written in my diary for 1st January 2020 for weeks……

Finally finish the second of a series of four cross stitch carousel horses that have been ‘on the go’ for 28 years!!! Tony bought me the charts before we were even married, and I started the first one and eventually finished – years and years later. Then I started the second, got half way through and stopped, but its time to get number two done, hopefully start and finish number three and maybe start number four…….. I do think I might need stronger glasses to see what I am doing!

This year for Christmas I decorated the mantel shelf, with lights, a garland and small baubles, nestled in between are small bits that I have made, the Christmas bowl fillers look great tucked in the garland and there is also homemade decorations I have been given.

I have really liked having the mantel shelf decorated and so have decided that I will continue to do so, the theme for January is stars and snowflakes. I have made a number of bowl fillers with stars on – these are leftover from Sarah’s Choice Version Two quilt, which has been on our bed over Christmas. Version One has been over the sofa!!

The rest of the stars are origami, inspired by the decorations at Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire, they had decorated one of their Christmas trees and also the garlands with origami stars in music papers, someone had a lot of patience to create so many, they were simple but beautiful.

Oh, if you are wondering what a bowl filler is, it’s a small decorative pillow that are meant to fill bowls!! I came across the book by Debbie Busby, hers are in wool applique. I just liked the idea, they are quick and easy to make. The problem is I can see us having a huge wicker basket full of them by the end of the year – not a bowl!!

January is a good time for new ideals and trying something different creativity!!!

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